Jelgava Art school is a professionally oriented educational establishment

and implements an accredited 7 year curriculum „Visual and plastic arts”, 

founded in 1986 on 28 February.

The programme consists of drawing, painting, composition, sculpture, 

introduction to the language of art, work with material, Plain Air workshop 

and the graduation piece for 7-25 years old children after completion

of studies in general education school.

During seven years of studies, the students can test their strength in different 

types of arts, cognize, compare, experiment, create and communicate in the

visual arts language to create and defend their own Final Work with satisfaction 

and pride when graduating from the art school. It also prepares for entrance 

examinations in secondary professional educational institutions.

 Admission of students in the school is organized according to Education Law, 

Professional Education Law and Regulation of the school. 

When students have fully and completely acquired their learning programme 

they receive Certificate of Professional Introduction Education 

for the programme “Visual-plastic Art”.